All Adult Learn-To-Swim Instructors have been certified by United States Masters Swimming and have competitive swimming backgrounds.


Craig Goodwin

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Craig has been swimming since he was six years old.  He was fortunate enough to have a pool in his parents' backyard and enjoyed swimming in it regularly.  After taking swimming lessons, he swam regularly on his own.

As an adult Craig enjoys running, swimming, cycling and combinations of the three.  He has completed three marathons and many half marathons, triathlons, obstacle course, and other races.  Friends and family often wonder where he gets his energy!

In April 2016, Craig became a certified Masters Coach and Adult Learn-To-Swim Instructor after swimming with Team New York Aquatics and Front Runners New York for several years.  His dream is to teach others who desire to swim for fitness, competition, and fun!

Craig's recent accomplishments include:

  • First Place in Age Group - 2016 Coney Island Aquathlon (.5 mile swim, 3 mile run)
  • First Place - 50 Yard Backstroke
  • First Place - 50 Yard Breaststroke
  • Second Place - 100 Yard Freestyle
  • Second Place - 100 Yard IM



Steven Patterson-Rosso



Steven began swimming when he was five years old.   Swimming lessons were a must in a family that spent their summers boating. Swimming and soccer were his two obsessions as a kid. You couldn’t get him out of the water and you couldn’t get him off the field. Steven went on to become a certified Red Cross lifeguard but at the time, swimming and soccer became a conflict, and soccer won out for 14 years. Steven’s obsession with swimming remained strong and in 2006 he hired a coach to begin fine tuning his skills to become a U.S. Masters swimmer. In 2016 Steven became a student with Craig and then went on to be a certified Adult Learn-To-Swim Instructor for Queens Masters Swimming.  Steven is familiar with teamwork and the necessary skills it takes to teach others to swim for fitness and to compete on our team. There isn’t a day you won’t find Steven in the water!