Learn how to swim this summer in a small class of students.  Even if you have zero experience or are afraid of the water, this class is for you!

Here are some of the skills that you will learn:

• Breathing and proper breath control 

• Floating on the front and back 

• Gliding 

• Freestyle (front crawl) kick and stroke

• Elementary backstroke 

• Water safety skills 

• Deep water skills, including how to tread water and exit the pool from the deep end without the use of a ladder. 

I will be with you every step of the way.  In addition to being a lifeguard myself, there is always a lifeguard on duty at the pool to ensure safety.

The cost of the class is $399.  However, you can get an early bird discount (save $100!) by registering here by June 15, 2017.  Installment plans are also available here.